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HM Paragons 13/14HM

Upolu a posted Jul 5, 14
Reloadds a Yes kid took a bunch of pics
Upolu a Do you know if anyone took a Garrosh pic? If not we'll have to do it this week.
Voyle Another week, another pic. Next week Garrosh

HM Thok 11/14HM

Upolu a posted May 3, 14
pkang Where are our siege and Paragons kill shots!?!? someone's dropping the ball big time
Salvation id take them if i new how to post them on the wall.
Upolu a So....someone else should take these pictures! ...

HM Spoils 10/14HM!

Upolu a posted Mar 15, 14

HM Spoils New Strat!

Upolu a posted Dec 22, 13

Dean https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cert20zJ7nU ...
Salvation lol so funny i started fight an he blames kran also why are u looking at meh gear ...
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